Top Productivity Hacks When Working From Home

Working from home takes a different mindset than working in an office. You can’t take the same schedule, routine, and habits from your workplace and carry them over at home. To stay productive working from home, you need a different approach. Check out our seven home-working productivity hacks.

Stay Active

Rolling out of bed and heading straight for your computer to start your workday isn’t a good idea for productivity. You need a morning routine to wake yourself up. Working in an office usually requires some kind of commute, forcing you to get outside and get moving (even if it’s just walking to your car).

If you’re working from home, get up, change out of your pyjamas, and go for a 15-20 minute walk. If the weather permits, walking outside is best. The physical activity and fresh air will get your brain started, helping you feel more energized when you sit down at your computer to start working.

Know Your Schedule

One of the most important things to keep track of when working from home is your schedule. You’re more accountable to yourself, so make a schedule that works for you. Know which times of the day you tend to be most productive, and plan your work around them.

Another great schedule productivity hack is chunking or batching your time. Multitasking leads to divided attention and fewer tasks getting done. Reserve an hour or half-hour for each item on your to-do list and when it’s time to complete that item, don’t work on anything else. Working in 25-minute spurts followed by 5-minute breaks to stand up and stretch also helps you stay energized and focused throughout the day.

Separate Your Browsers

Use different internet browsers for personal time and work time. You wouldn’t log into your home browser, with all your saved bookmarks and history, on a work computer right? So keep things separate when you’re working from home as well.

Separate browsers are also a great way to avoid procrastination. With high-speed broadband that connects you to your social media profiles or streams videos at lightning speed, you can easily get sucked into a distraction vortex. Use your full-fibre connection for work instead!

Add Plants to Your Workspace

Studies have proven that plants increase workplace productivity. Some household plants can even help remove pollutants in the air, making a cleaner breathing space while you work. Not to mention, plants can have a calming effect, helping you feel closer to nature whilst indoors.

Schedule Chats with Co-workers

If you’ve had to transition from an office to your home, chances are you miss friendly chats with your co-workers. Productivity experts have noted that one of the biggest downsides to remote working is the lack of social interaction. In an office, it’s easy to stop by someone’s desk or meet for a quick coffee in the break room to chat about work or personal life. Socialising with colleagues boosts mental wellbeing and provides much-needed breaks throughout the day.

When you work at home, you’re usually alone at your desk. To have those friendly chats with your team members, you have to be intentional. Plan specific times in your day to stop and call a co-worker, just so you can talk. With sophisticated videoconferencing apps, it’s easier than ever to call someone up and speak with them “face-to-face.” Full-fibre internet ensures that you can speak to each other over Zoom, Google Meet, or another app without interruption or buffering.

Mind Your Workspace

In an office, your company likely provides you with a desk, office chair, mouse, keyboard, and whatever else you need to complete your work comfortably. Try as much as you can to replicate a productive working environment at home.

Spring for a nice chair so you don’t hurt your back. Try a laptop stand and keyboard so you don’t strain your neck looking downward. You can’t be productive if you’re in pain! Apart from physical comfort, think about the atmosphere of your home office. Try to work near a window so you have natural daylight shining through. Setting up a dedicated workspace, whether it’s a corner of your living room for your desk or a separate room, will also cut down on distractions.

Have High-speed Fibre Internet

Want to get more done while working at home? You need a speedy internet connection. Nothing kills productivity like long page loading times or continuous interruptions during a videoconference call. The best productivity hack is having the speed you need to get your work done – and then stream your favourite series at the end of the day.

Vision Fibre Media offers one of the fastest full-fibre connections in London. With our reliable service and these productivity hacks, working from home is a breeze.

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