London’s Top 10 Postcodes For The Fastest Internet Connections

High-speed internet connection has become a necessity for most of us, with many people considering it a public utility like gas or electricity. As fibre broadband rolls out to all areas of the UK, some parts of London experience faster internet speeds than others. Based on data from The Financial Times, here’s our list of the top 10 postcodes in London for the fastest internet connection.

NW3, Hampstead 110Mbps

With average download speeds of up to 110Mbps (megabits per second), areas in Hampstead have faster internet than 99 percent of postcodes in London. Due to great service coverage in the area, fibre broadband is available to most homes in this postcode. Hampstead is also one of the closest areas on this list to central London, since the trend for faster internet tends to favour the suburbs.

HA3, Stanmore 102Mbps

Stanmore is another postcode with internet faster than 99 percent of other London postcodes. The reason Stanmore has such fast internet is because both FTTP (fibre to the premises) and FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) are available. Both connections are fast, but FTTP is the fastest fibre connection you can get in the UK. If you’re looking for great coverage, this small district is a safe bet.

TW1, Twickenham 91Mbps

Although it’s better known for rugby, the West London suburban town of Twickenham is also gaining a reputation for speedy broadband. In some upgraded areas, Twickenham residents can have up to 120Mbps in download speed. Because fibre broadband is widely available in this area, households can enjoy a fast internet connection and choose which provider they want to go with.

KT17, Sutton 74Mbps

The southernmost postcode on this list, Sutton’s average internet speeds are faster than 88 percent of postcodes in the South East. While both standard (less than 30Mbps) and superfast (between 30Mbps – 300Mbps) speeds are available to Sutton residents, there is no ultrafast (greater than 300Mpbs). The Council of Sutton recently decided, however, to start a project which will provide ultrafast internet to over a thousand residents. If you find yourself living in the area in the next 2 years, you might have access to more than 300Mbps.

W13, Ealing 71Mbps

The third-largest borough in London, the western postcode of Ealing offers decent internet speeds to its residents. There are several providers to choose from, offering both ADSL and fibre connections. Speeds in Ealing are above average for the rest of London and compared to the nearby cities of Brent, Hammersmith, and Richmond. Ealing also has 26 fibre-enabled exchanges, making fibre broadband availability higher.

HA0, Harrow 65Mbps

The town of Harrow, to the north east of central London, has comparatively fast internet speeds as well. Not only are Harrow’s speeds higher than other postcodes in London, but Harrow as a region has higher average download speeds than the rest of the UK. According to Ofcom, the UK’s average download speed is 54.2Mbps – Harrow beats that at 65Mbps.

SW19, Wimbledon 64Mbps

The residential area of Wimbledon is another pocket of fast internet close to central London. Known for its affluence and cultural activities, it’s no surprise that Wimbledon boasts fast internet speeds as well. Although ultrafast internet still isn’t available in many parts of the UK, it’s partially available in Wimbledon. Residents in this postcode also have great access to fibre broadband.

EN1, Enfield 63Mbps

The market town of Enfield draws residents for its historical charm. The fast internet speeds also make Enfield an appealing choice. Compared to its neighbours Haringey, Barnet, and Waltham Forest, Enfield tends to have higher speeds as well. Situated to the north of London, Enfield makes a great choice for people who prioritise high-speed internet.

SW13, Barnes 61Mbps

With open spaces and stretches of the River Thames, Barnes gives off an authentic village vibe without straying too far from the city. Speedy internet is just one more feature to add to the list. With average speeds hovering around 61Mbps, you can easily download a high-definition film or do a video conference call from home with no problem.

N1C, King’s Cross 61Mbps

With Google’s London headquarters located near King’s Cross, it’s no surprise it has one of the fastest internet connections in London. With fibre broadband availability as well, residents in this area can expect plenty of internet speed.

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