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Please read the following Standard Terms and Conditions carefully as they constitute the terms of our agreement with our customers.

Below is the abridged version, please make sure you consult the full documentation before placing your order. The full Standard Terms and Conditions can be seen by clicking here.

Our Standard Terms & Conditions

All of VFM’s Services are available by ordering online and you place an Order with us by following the online Order process or by calling Customer Support and placing a telephone Order.

Your submission to us of an Order confirms your acceptance of these Terms and creates an Agreement between you and us incorporating the terms.

VFM’s Services will only be supplied to an address which is able to receive the Services (which you can check using our online address checker) and you must be at least 18 years old when you place your Order with VFM.

If you wish to terminate services supplied to you by another provider, you should check whether you are responsible for any cancellation or other charges or other liability as a result of the termination of your current service contract. We are not responsible for any such charges or liability nor will your services be terminated automatically by subscribing to VFM’s Services.

When ordering the Services, you must provide a valid email address and you are responsible for maintaining and regularly checking this email address. You can update details of your email address in the online Customer Support Centre on the Website. We will generally use this email address to contact you for all purposes under the Agreement (although we may use other methods).

Upon receipt of your Order we will either send you an email confirming receipt and acceptance of your Order (and upon such confirmation such Order will become binding on you and VFM on and subject to the terms of the Agreement) or notify you that we are unable to accept your Order (in our sole discretion) in which event we shall have no obligation to you whatsoever in respect of the Services stated in the Order.

If we accept your Order, at the time of confirmation of our acceptance we will provide you with further details of when we expect to be able to connect you to the VFM Network.

If after receiving or accepting your Order VFM cannot provide you with the Services, we will notify you. Your Agreement will terminate and any Charges you have paid will be refunded to you.

Also, please be advised that by placing an Order, you agree that VFM, or third parties acting on our behalf, may carry out credit checks on you using the information that you provide.

Please take time to read the full documentation which can be seen by clicking here.

SUMMARY – In short:

  • Vision Fibre Media is agreeing to supply you with the services you have requested.
  • If you are signing up for one of our broadband services then we’ll provide you with all the equipment you need including a router. This remains our property and we ask that you take care of it.
  • The minimum term is 12 months or 18 months depending on the service you are signing up to. After this point your subscription will become a rolling monthly one. If you decide to cancel before the minimum term has expired you will be liable for a cancellation fee equal to the outstanding amount of the full term of the agreement.
  • If you are an existing customer upgrading your package you agree a further 12 month contract from the date of the new service package becomes live will be applicable.
  • You’ll need a functioning email address to sign up so that we can communicate with you about your installation and service. Please make sure you update this if it changes and keep monitoring your inbox.
  • If you are signing up for a telephone service it is very important you understand that if electricity is cut to your home your phone line will not work correctly. You should have an alternative method to call 999/112 in an emergency.
  • You can move with your service provided you’re moving to a location that we provide a service to. If not then you will be liable to pay a cancellation fee if you are still within the minimum term of your agreement.
  • Our broadband and telephony services are for residential and private purposes, not business.
  • If you live in rented accommodation than we assume you have sought approval from your landlord first. Please make sure you have done so.
  • Please make sure you download a copy of these terms, read through and understand. Please direct queries to support@visionfibremedia.com.


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